Chad D. Malone

Chad D. Malone



Introduction to the Book

I will never forget the professional development class that I had to take that would earn me my degree. In taking this class I had a teacher that really cared about us learning the content but more importantly applying the life lessons attached to being a better us. After giving my last presentation for a final grade, I remember her coming to me saying, “I want you to take two things away. I recommend you change your business concept from ‘training’ to ‘transformation’ and I want to pray that God opens doors of opportunities for you to do great things.” I stood amazed and replied those two underused words of appreciation, “Thank you!”

book title

Within a short couple of months after graduation I found myself sitting down with Mr. Motivation himself, Mr. Zig Ziglar. After having the dream of leading people to a better way of life by educating them this was just amazing to sit down with the best of the best in the self-help industry.

With working hard on finding my passion from the inside out I write this book so that others can do the same.

If you understand and love yourself you’ll find it easy to want to be your best you that only you can be.

Finding Your Passion…From the Inside Out! Even as you can’t love anybody else till you love yourself, you can’t be true to anybody else till you’re true to yourself. Be who you are. Have the bravery to accept yourself as you truly are, not as somebody else thinks you should be. Do not take action or pretend to be somebody else for the sake of acquiring acceptance.

Mr. Zig Ziglar, even though you have made your journey through this life and on to the next one, I want to say thanks for coaching and teaching me to the place where I am currently at! For that I dedicate this book to your legacy.


“Chad is a blessing to know and dedicated to the Ziglar philosophy. Make sure to check out his book! (you will have to buy yours! lol)”

– Tom Ziglar, CEO and Proud Son of ZigZiglar