L.I.F.E. Matters  (Part Two)

Think of your own life. Imagine that you will be die after a week, strongly imagine that and watch your thinking. Your priorities will undergo a very big change. Your first priority may no longer be to finish that office report, but call up few friends and sharing your thoughts with them. Continue Reading


Persevere Like Paul Revere (Part One)

Perseverance is continuing to do something in spite of obstacles or difficulties. It is one of the best qualities to have because with perseverance success in your endeavors is almost guaranteed. Continue Reading


CHANGE starts from the Inside…Working itself to the Outside! (Part One)

We’ve all heard it so many times, whether it’s coming from us or somebody we associate with; “I need a change in my life.”  But then nobody ever does anything about it, they just continue to complain! Continue Reading


Let Me Introduce You to My Friend…DESIRE! (Part Two)

So, to induce desire for whatever it is you want, you have to introduce the object of your desire, to your senses. The more you see something, the stronger your desire for that thing will become.

Let’s take the example of a beautiful woman or man again. If he or she has made enough of an impression on you, you would want to see that person again, right? But if you leave it to chance you may or may not see him or her again. In the event you don’t, the feelings will likely die a natural death. Continue Reading