“In today’s environment there are many good, motivational speakers–but what they share is only as good as what’s retained and implemented by their hearers. Chad won’t give you candy-coated fluff that merely sounds good to the ear, he’ll give you substance in a memorable way, that will change hearts, attitudes, and consequently, bottom lines.” – Les Linz

“I have experienced more than I thought I would…you have inspired the un-inspirable and made me believe in myself!  Thank you!  You are and will always be one of the greats in my life and I am happy that I was fortunate enough to be taught by you…I just can’t explain how much I have learned from you…You need to be on the road and inspiring millions…As you have done so with myself and others!”  –  Katherine Moore, All Natural Assets & Mary Kay

“Without a doubt I would come back again to attend a BFF Seminar. I learned things in the area of influence that will take me to the next level with my scouts and leaders that I’m so privileged to work with every day!” – Sally Spurgeon – Girl Scouts of America, Inc. – Director

“Being a leader in my place of employment I was able to gain tools that I could implement immediately as soon as I got back to work. At the end when I heard the lesson it is time to MOVE I was more than ready to do just that!”  – Drew H. – Cummins, Inc. – Engineer

“I am so glad I was afforded the opportunity to attend the very first all live leadership conference in the Seymour area and more excited that it was with Best Foot Forward Seminars! I really got a lot of useful information from the speakers and was able to connect with others that were there to learn and grow as well!” –  Dr. Susan Waltz – TEAM.biz – Owner 

Book Reviews

“This little book of only 130 pages has changed my life forever, but one line specifically. I am now in college! I am also striving to be the best mom possible!” – Rachel McIntosh, CNA at Hoosier Christian Village

“This book is so great…I learned about me…I am ready for the next one!” – Ty Sledge, Go Jet Airlines

“What a great guide to finding your passions and living them! Thanks Chad D. Malone!” – Holly Eisenhut, John Maxwell Team